Twice a week I'm going to gymnastic lessons, but besides that I love to do a work-out so now and then. I don't do it to lose weight or anything but just to work that abs.
I only had one problem: When I was searching for work-out schemes on Google I did found some, but I didn't really understand what they meant with 'squats' or 'jumping jacks'. That was when I decided to take a look on Youtube and there I found some lovely work-out videos!
Working out really don't take that much time! The ones I use are not longer than ten minutes. What I first do is change into some shorts and a shirt, put on some good music and play the video. I really love this ones.

Lovely workout songs : 

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  1. Lijkt het je leuk om een winactie te winnen met 2 leuke nagellakjes in de kleuren paars en roze, een lange muntketting met buddha, een schattig armbandje met glazen hartje en een enkelbandje met allerlei verschillende kleuren muntjes voor in de zomer! Volg dan de instructies op mijn blog en win :)! Liefs, Floor