How my life will look in one year? Well, I hope by that time I just made my exams and I'll probably be stressing about the result, but I also hope I know what I'm gonna study the year after. I have really no idea what I want to do, but considering school is forcing us to visit open days and experience days of universities this year, I'm not the only one.
So, it can't be that hard to find an experience day. I thought. So I kept delaying and delaying it until now, the end of the school year (seriously, I need to stop delay literally everything). And that's when we came to the point it's only got a few experience days left. So a friend of mine, Ruth, and I decided to choose a random experience day: Health Sciences on the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Alright, let's just say I don't have any Biology-related subjects and I think you know enough.
Then again, we had a pretty nice day which included a lot of food, travelling with the train and the undergrounds, of course the university itself, and shopping! Yup, I only bought two things for myself: Shorts and a make up brush, both from Primark (we're not gonna talk about my hot chocolate and my apple turnover and my chocolate muffin and my... let's stop talking about this)
 Shorts: €7 Brush €2 || Primark

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