Let the good times roll

First of all, I’ll never, never promise to upload a video again. There are so many struggles with editing them, because my Canon save videos in some weird file you can’t edit, which will lose all the quality when you’re converting it. So again – I can’t make it. And that’s something that really frustrates me because I love making little videos and find the right music for them and edit them and everything. If you have any tip – please comment, I would love you forever! (Although I probably don’t even know you).
Today we’ve experienced another summer day in out beautiful country, so my friend Evelien and I decided to go to a lake nearby after school. It’s called the ‘Henschotermeer’ and although it’s over an hour with the bike (yeah, we’re working on that condition guys!) it’s a lovely day to spend days like these.
This was the first time this year I went therer and there will be many more, I guess! We stayed until about 6.30 PM and afterwards we went to a snackbar to buy ourselves some pommes frites and a milkshake (goodbye, condition…). Anyway, I’ve really had a lovely day !
And hey, don’t worry guys, I don’t drink Heineken.
The picture before the last one is just a random picture from one of the thousand random tins and bottles floating in the lake… I still don’t understand why we actually went in the water…

Sweet dreams!

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