Decorating My Room | DIY

Since I've painted my room white and pink last summer, I've been really into decorating my room. And by that I mean really decorating, not just buying a huge poster from IKEA and put it on a random wall.
In a post I wrote a while ago you're able to see what covers one wal of my room: I've cutted some letters out of old magazines, made words and hung them on my wall. But that was only one wall. So, I decided that it was time to decorate my other extremely white wall a little bit!
All you need is a paper (I used a white one), some sciccors, pictures and a magazine.
What I first did was spraying the white paper a little bit pink, because otherwise it would be too white, and my room has some pink tints.
After that I went on Tumblr to search for some photos (Alright and stalked some celebrities' Tumblrs for about two hours don't judge me), and found some nice photographs and quotes I really like on THIS LOVELY TUMBLR. Yeah that's mine.
Finally, I wanted some A4 pictures from magazines, and I picked up some advertisements from the VOGUE because the photography in that is awesome. And Doutzen Kroes was in it. And I wanted Doutzen on my wall because she's awesome.
Ok, too much information. What do you think?

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Ziet er leuk uit!
    Ik organiseer een giveaway met coolcat. Je maakt kans op €75,- shopping money! Zou leuk zijn als je mee doet :)


  2. Wat leuk! Het staat echt gezellig. :)

  3. ziet er leuk uit!
    Jij bent lekker creatief bezig geweest :D