My Favorite Youtubers 2

Guys! Since I made my first My Favorite Youtubers post (yup, in the time where I wrote in Dutch), in the time where I had just discovered the lovely Jack and Finn and their Youtube-friends, I became obsessed with Youtube more and more and found some really cool accounts to which I'm subscribed now, so I thought it might be time for a new 'My Favorite Youtubers' and here is it!

Alright, I have to admit when I first saw a make-up video I was sitting behind my computer while thinking: Why would over a million people spend a quarter of their life watching some girl do her make-up? But that was before I fell in love with the personalities, creativity and looks of some beautygurus. Some times you need to watch more stuff of a Youtuber before you actually like them. I know (shame on me) when I first saw Jenna Marbles, Caspar Lee and Michelle Phan I didn't even liked them. Well, I've changed since then... Oh, sometimes those beauty gurus like to exaggerate a bit with their make-up (Before I put on my eyeshadow I always put on an eyeshadow-base plus a base for the eyeshadow-base) but besides that they are pretty awesome!

1. Macbarbie07. I love her make-up and outfit videos, she has the best DIYs and she has a really lovely personality!

2. StilaBabe09. Same story! I especially like her outfit combination ideas and her very easy but awesome-looking DIYS.

3. nigahiga. More than 8 million subscribers certainly confirm how good he is. His videos are very original and so, so funny. Teehee!

4. missglamorazzi. Make-up, tags, hauls, outfits. She's awesome!

5. megannicolesite. She has a beautiful voice and makes beautiful covers and has beautiful music videos. Three times 'beautiful' in one sentence, do I need to say more?

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Meredith en Bethany zijn echt mijn favoriete youtubers :'D

  2. Bethany is zo leuk ! En Ryan z'n filmpjes maken me altijd echt aan het lachen!

  3. Ik ken ze allemaal niet hahah :) mijn favoriete youtubes zijn d-is-for-dazzle en jack en finn harriess, die zijn zooo leuk!

  4. I’m really like it! Very, very dgdeeac good!
    caspar lee gay

  5. Leuk! Dit artikel ''like'' ik even op bloglovin', zodat ik de account later thuis eens goed kan bekijken! haha. Nummer 1 en 3 ken ik wel al :)

  6. Ik ken ze eigenlijk allemaal niet haha, maar ik ga ze zeker bekijken :-)

    xo Anouk