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DO NOT WORRY! I am alive and I am breathing (and expanding my list of celeb crushes with all the Victoria's Secret angels after watching the VS Fashion Show (it is so perfect and it is on Youtube if you do not want to wait two weeks until it will be aired on Dutch television)). Sorry for barely blogging last weeks. I have just been extremely busy with making Sinterklaas surprises, searching skills to write Sinterklaas poems, buying and getting Sinterklaas presents and learning, considering I have test week this week. Next to that, when there was little time to make good pictures for my blog either the light was ugly and the pictures turned out bad or it was midnigt and I was probably watching series, wrapped in a blanket with some hot chocolate.
For the non-Dutchies by the way, Sinterklaas is a Dutch tradition where a fat old man who looks a lot like Santa Claus comes from Spain to Holland in a huge boat full of chocolate and presents for all the kids on the fifth of December and a lot of people celebrate it with surprises for each other. He also comes by our houses at the nights before December 5th and if he can find your shoe, he will fill it with presents and food. Plot twist: He doesn't exist and our parents buy us presents.
Anyway, to tell this story in one sentence: I have not blogged much and now I am back and trying to blog more often, with an outfit in which I am wearing some brand new items (which I have not even showed yet, I feel so bad about myself right now).
Summer is definitely my favorite season of the year, but when it comes to winter I love the fact that you have to create more layers of clothes to stay warm. Although just pulling one warm, thick sweater over your head (which is, admitted, totally not bad) it requires some creativity in the early morning to decide how you are going to use layers of clothing this time. And since I have seen the employees in the Abercrombie & Fitch in London look stunning with cute dresses with overknees beneath them, I decided to wear my overknees more often! The pictures are not the best quality, but we are trying to start up again and every start is difficult [it was actually just too cold to take lots of pictures].
So, what do you think of overknees? Do you own a pair of them?

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