London The Last Days

[Because we were always visiting schools during the day, most of my pictures are made in the evening so sorry for the bad quality]

On our second day in London we visited a lot of schools, got a number from a random British boy via the questionnaire, did some shopping and encouraged England in the match Germany - England which was played just a few miles from the place we were staying (unfortunayely they lost with 1-0).
On the third day we had to visit a library for our school project which, how awesome, turned out to be 18+ and if you were 18+ you needed these weird files to be able to enter the library, which we obviously did not have (however, the problem already started with the '18+'thing because I am only 16). So we had to move to another library where we only got one page out of one book - but hey, one is always better than zero!
After visiting the library and the English schools to gather our questionnaires, we decided to take the role of a tourist upon us on Trafalgar Square - and how awesome was that! There was a street dancer, a big M&M store, zombie-look-a-likes walking around the street, do not forget the magical Christmas lights and guess whose beautiful faces were on a big billboard above the shops for approximately fifteen seconds? Exactly.
Afterwards we did some shopping, bought some gifts for at home, and that night we cried ourselves to sleep because we would be leaving on the next day (just kidding)(but we did cry on the inside). Luckily the trip back was very chill, with nice people and some who even filled out our questionnaires (unfortunately without a phone number this time) and well it was just a nice drive.

So, have you ever been to London? What is your favorite place?

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