Do not worry! I am still alive. I just neither had time nor inspiration to write a new blogpost. Since my last post I survived a test week (with only one inadequate mark, so I am satisfied), and a holiday-which-I-can-not-really-call-a-holiday because I had to work every day. Yup, every day. So I literally came more tired out of the holiday that I went into it.
One of the perks of working all holiday? I've got some pocket money for London, where I will be going in about three weeks (I actually did not realise how soon that is - wow!) for a school project which I will tell you about later!

Yesterday I kind of tore out of my black jeans... Unfortunately, since my black jeans are one of my favorite items out of my closet which I wear actually every week, I think. And well, I can not miss black jeans in my closet, right? Luckily, today the Vero Moda had a VIP day with 20 % discount, and I got myself a new pair of black jeans... And another one. Two pairs of black jeans. Yup. But the second one was only €9,95, and it was a beautiful high-waisted leather-like one, which I really wanted. I also took a little look at H&M and got myself a beautiful, minimalistic ear cuff.
I have been drowning in school work and books I have to read for school the last days (and actually I still am), but right now I am gonna take a little break with my favorite tea and some series... Ciao! 

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  1. wat heb je een leuke blog! Ik heb je gevolgd op bloglovin x

  2. Nog maar drie weken tot Londen, OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG
    En nog zoveel te doen...