Hello there beautiful people on the internet! Today this little piece of the ineternet - owned by a teenage girl who sometimes has photoshoots on her own, keeps refreshing her statics after she posts something new and recognise herself in every typicals bloggers' problem - exists exactly one year - HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOG! One of the best things about having a blog, next to every single sweet comment (thank you ♡) is being able to overview everything you did for the last year. So, let's take a look at last year on the blog!

1: Autumn || 2,3: old blog lay-outs, || 4,5: winter || 6: a winter outfit || 7: the Univé Gymgala I went to || 8: Christmas!

1: skiing in Germany with school || 2: snow days || 3: birthay of my little sister || 4: the day of the school play || 5: my own birthday || 6: re-arranging my room || 7: in the snow || 8: for the love of food

1: I made my own earcuff - DIY || 2: A day to Zutphen with school || 3: an afternoon at the 538 for War Child in my city || 4: Easter! || 5: the start of the breakfast-at-Hema's-in-testsweeks-tradition || 6: I made my own dipdye short - DIY || 7: Lunch in La Place on a shopping day in Amersfoort in the holiday || 8: Outfit

1,2,3: Beautiful London || 4: Got my babies || 5: I posted my (most-watched) post, a DIY on the Vogue-shirt || 6: First time of the year to the lake nearby || 7: starting a day off to Rotterdam with some food || 8: ice cream baby

1: summer dress || 2: sun glasses || 3: a day to Walibi with my lovely friends || 4,5,6,7,8: holiday ♥

1,2: one of the best trips ever to Romania || 3: start of senior year || 4: finally got my braces out || 5: photoshoot || 6: outfit || 7: new blouse || 8: outfit

Once again: A big, fat thank you to all my readers! ♥♥♥

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  1. Wat leuk om er zo een overzichtje van te maken! Gefeliciteerd :D xx

  2. hey sweetie
    I just found your blog and I loooove it!
    you look gorgeous, love your style!!! I am your new follower!!
    I would love it if you visit my blog and keep in touch!
    I am also hosting a GIVEAWAY these days, so you can join!


  3. Nog gefeliciteerd! wat een leuke foto's x

  4. Leuk artikel! gefeliciteerd!

    Ik volg je via Bloglovin. Misschien kun je kijkje nemen op mijn blog?
    Ik heb nu ook een winactie lopen met een bodylotion van Victoria Secret!!



  5. Nice pics! Toch nog gefeliciteerd voor je verjaardag.