Holiday 2013 part four | Ghergani & Gaiseni [Romania]

Hi there! I am back in our cold, boring country and I really freaking miss Romania already. I went home with a heart full of stories, a mind full of memories and - of course - a camera full of pictures, of which I want to share a few with you guys. Get ready for the first part.
On two different days we visited to Roma villages. In the first one, we attended a church and listened to all the Romanian songs. After that we grabbed a guitar and sang with them.
We also brought some bubble blowers, toys and big balloons with us and shared those with the little children but even the teenagers and the grown-ups thought they were great and did everything just to get one balloon. I will never forget the smiles of some of the children that lasted throughout the whole day.
The other day we drove to another Roma village, in a typical Romanian way - in a nine passengers' bus with the doors wide open, the music on, singing and sweating along (it was about 35 degrees).
When we arrived at our destination, some children were already waiting for us and a big smile grew on their faces when they saw us coming. We started singing songs with them, and the amount of children and people in the garden grew bigger and bigger. We also played with them, danced
Style with them, cooked for them and had a lot of fun. At the end of the day, when we were about to leave, some came to us and couldn't stop saying 'I love you' of 'my friend, my friend' and things like that to everybody and they were just so sweet and cute, and really made us happy.

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