♪ Happy Plug

WHUT? Yes, the time this post was published was 5.15 AM - indeed. Don't worry, it was planned. But that doesn't mean I am not awake right now.
If everything went well, I am waiting at a parking lot of McDonalds with nineteen other people right now, because today I will be of to Romania! I will be staying there for two weeks, and what we will be doing is visiting people, preparing food for them, distribute some school stuff and a lot more. I am so excited!
Of course I met with the usual packing struggles, but (I think) everything I need is in my suitcase.
Twenty minutes past nine our flight will leave from Schiphol (yes I actually like flying and I have no idea why people would be scared of it) and to get through the whole trip I bought myself these new, pretty, pink earphones and downloaded some new music, check the tracks above out!
I have not prepared any posts for the time I am away, so you will not find anything new on my blog for the next two weeks. Don't worry - after that I am probably not going on a holiday for a while so I will be all yours. ♥
Enjoy your holiday, I hope the weather in Holland will get better soon! *cough* over 30 degrees right now in Romania *cough*

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  1. Wat super gaaf! Heeeeeeeel veel plezier! X

  2. Klinkt als een hele gave reis, heel veel plezier! x

  3. Ik volg je trouwens nu ook op bloglovin! X

  4. That sounds like a brilliant holiday abroad, have a great time!

    And you're right, these headphones are so cute.

    I really like the way they're been packaged into a musical note haha :)

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  5. Oh die zijn heel schattig! Nog veel plezier op vakantie :) Oh, en ik heb een giveaway lopen, vind je het leuk om mee te doen? ☺