Queensday 2013 ♕

Yesterday we Dutchies celebrated the last Queenday. Because our new king was crowned yesterday, from now on it's called 'Kingday'. This sounds so weird and different to me. I bet in fourty years we'll be 'the old ones' who still call it Queensday, just because it sounds so much better.
Anyway, Queensday is actually a day where all of us finally have a legitimate reason to dress up like orange idiots and behave like one and go visit jumble sales and listen to some little music bands and party with our friends and family. But my Queensday was a little bit different this year! Since I'm going to visit Romania this summer with nineteen other people to help and visit the people there, yesterday we tried to raise some money for our project on the jumble sale with a Wheel of fortune with a lot of prices. And guess what we've raised yesterday? OVER €1800! Isn't that awesome? Thank you, crazy orange idiots! :)

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