London Day 2 - I Don't Ever Wanna Leave This Town

Tuesday 07-05 - Sightseeing in London City
So big. So crowded. It doesn't have one place you look without seeing at least one taxi and/or a big red bus. But so, so lovely. Tuesday we visited London City for the first time. We took the big, red bus from the place we stayed to the center of London and the first 'famous thing' we've been through was Oxford Street with all its cool shops (hellooooo Topship, Primark, Forever 21, Hollister and all the others) and all its security man in suits, and the place where I've had my first real  Starbucks Coffee ever: Frappucino Carmel, with a lot of cream - delicious. After that we visited the St. James Park. That wasn't very special, but I like the idea of a park where people can just sit down and chat, sport, sleep, listen to music, run or anything. We should have something like that in my village. After that we took some photographs with guards on the Horse Guards Parade (and tried to photobomb some pictures of others) and took a look on Downing Street, the place where the British prime minister lives. And last but not least we visited the church where among others William and Kate got married: Westminster Abbey, together with London's famous building the Big Ben. I felt like there are so much more things to do and to visit in London, it can't be seen in only five days... But we'll see!

Ferrari Shop on Oxford Street
Trefalgar Square 
Horse Guards Parade
Big Ben

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Leuke foto's ! Ik wil ook zo graag naar London,

  2. Haha wow ze hebben je naam goed geschreven, echt een wonder voor Starbucks!

  3. Mooie foto's! Ben enkele jaren geleden ook eens in Londen geweest en zou er graag nog eens naartoe gaan x