London Day 1 - Where Earth Meets Water

Hi lovelies! The reason for the lack of posts last week was because I was celebrating my holiday in one of the best places I've ever been to so far: London! I really, really loved it and I actually wanted to stay much longer than only a week (from monday to saturday). London was so much bigger than I expexted, but so beautiful. To give you guys a little impression of my holiday, I'll give you a day by day diary of the six days, starting today! And it gives you of course a lot of pictures!

Monday 06-05 - Travelling and Calais
At 6.30 AM -hurray!- we left home to make the trip to our boat, which was waiting for us in Calais (France) and would take us to Dover (United Kingdom). The trip took about five hours and we got stuck in some long, long queues.
After spending too much time in a warm car, we arrived in Calais to take the boat that was supposed to leave at twelve o'clock, but we heard it left too early! What makes us - woken up at 6 AM to have enough time and were despite the queues perfectly on time, even a quarter before time - too late and we were forced to spend the time before the next boat would leave in Calais. But it wasn't that bad, I love those cities with it's old, multi-colored houses.
After spending some time in Calais and getting ourselves some lunch, we were finally able to make the trip over sea to the Beautiful British Island!
On Our Way


 In The Boat

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