School Life

Last week was crazy, a lot of lessons were abandoned beacause the teachers have to take tests so I had one or two free hours between the lessons every day. And we did absolutely nothing in these hours excepe eating candy, taking pictures and complaininh about how we were hating that day. The candy was good. (: And well, some of the pictures were.
Today my test week has started with German, and next friday I'm ready. So this means I'm gonna do a week what I love the most: STUDYING? Isn't my life perfect? Haha, I will never ever become a hero in learning. I mean, I've demonstrated study-avoidance behaviour before the test week even started. Well, well...
How was your week? And am I the only one having test week?

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  1. ah ik vind die adidas tas echt leuk ♥__♥

  2. Haha M&MS helpen je overleven ;)




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