Queen of Hearts

Top: Zara || Blazer: Pieces || Skirt: Bershka || Boots: Steve Madden

My skater skirt just is officially renamed to a basic item in my closet- next to my black jeans, a sweater and my Converses. I never really missed this skirt when I did not have one, but now I have one I have to say it is wearable with every item so it is actually perfect. It is just like a skinny jeans, unless I think a skater skirt is a little bit more fashionable - and okay, maybe also a little bit colder with a panty but since it is not really winter yet I have five more days to be able to wear it and not freeze my legs off. Let's make the best of it!
Next to that it is just a regular monday again - with too much homework and too much reports to hand in, but also a lot of blogs to read and episodes to watch. Well...

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