Good afternoon guys! Friday is always the best day of week, and today not only because it is the start of the weekend or my school starts at 10.50 AM instead of 8 AM, but also because I am celebrating the birthday of my little brother today, he turned 11 - Happy birthday! And yesterday I was celebrating the birthday of my (not so little) sister, who turned 15. Two birthdays in two days, that means cake... A lot of cake, and ice cream. Let's delay my plan of healthy eating a few days... Maybe a few weeks, or a few years.
Last week I recorded a little 'Outfits Of The Week' video for you, so I hope you enjoy. Oh, and if the video does not show up for the mobile readers, click here to watch it.
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Monday's outfit: Belt: Pieces ||  Jeans: Only || Top: Zara || Denim blouse Mango || Knuckle rings: H&M || Shoes: Converse || Bag: Pieces

Tuesday's outfit: Necklace: Swarovski || Pullover: Vero Moda || Heels: Schuurman Schoenen || Jeans: Only

Wednesday's outfit: Top: Only || Ear cuff: Six || Jacket: Enjoy || Jeans: Zara

Thursday's outfit: Bag: Guess || Boyfriend jeans: Mango || Top: H&M || Blouse: H&M

Friday's outfit: Top: Only || Blouse: Only || Vest: Only || Jeans: Zara || Knuckle rings: H&M || Pullover: New Yorker (boys' department)

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Super leuke outfits zitten ertussen! Kisses Jentel

  2. Wat leuk dat je dit in een filmpje laat zien.

  3. Superleuk filmpje! Ik vind nummer twee, dinsdag, heel leuk!



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  4. Thank you for your nice comment :)
    I really enjoyed your video - what a great idea to film your outfits like that.