How I edit my pictures


I have had positive comments to some pictures I posted a while ago, and it was actually the first time I tried to edit them a little bit. I am pretty happy with the 'new' ones, I don not know how I should say it but I like how they look a little bit softer.
Whenever I am editing something I always use Pixlr, because that site has a lot of effects with the Pixlr Express, easy ways to crop your picture and change the background with Pixlr Editor and you are also able to make collages with it.
How To Edit It This Way:
♥ Go to pixlr.com
♥ Open Pixlr Express
♥ Open the picture you want to edit by clicking on Browse
♥ Go to Adjustment -> Color
♥ Put the saturation a little higher, I usually go for 30 or something
♥ Change the lightness until it's the way you like. I used around 20 for the pictures above.

Enjoy, and make sure I see your edited pictures! (:

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