Holiday 2013 part one | AUSTRIA

Welcome back again, dear little blog on the internet! Shall I tell you something? I have not blogged for about three weeks, shame on me... But I have a good reason, I went on a holiday!
I stayed on a holiday park in the south of Germany, right next to Austria and Czech Republic which of course means we also visited both countries.
How weird it may sound, I love camping. I love sleeping in a tent, I love showing my (non-existent) soccer skills, I love playing camping volleybal, I don't mind waking up early to the sound of little children playing, and you don't hear me complaining about diving in the swimming pool on a hot day. And what I like the most are those amazing crazy nights, with people you have just met and barely know, but are still perfect.
And well, all those things against some rainy nights and a thousands of little animals are definitely worth it.
I won't show all my pictures in one post, but I will divide them. So today, right now, here is part one: Austria.

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