Ten Beach essentials

Tuesday last was one of the rare days I loved living in this country, because the sun showed up and it was about 25 degrees all day! I went to a lake nearby with some of my friends and decided to make a post about the things I would bring when I am going to a lake or a beach: Say hello to my beach essentials!

1. Flipflops because if you are going to wear normal shoes, you are gonna have a fight against the sands
2. Nivea Sun Spray Protector Hydratant, 50 + to protect my skin from the sun
3. My wallet, if we want to get ourselves some delicious cold ice cream on a hot day like this
4. Sunglasses to protect my eyes fron the sun
5. Food, you do not want to end up starving after a long day on the beach, I chose Tuc's because I love salty things on the beach
6. Dove beauty finish deodorant for it is just handy to bring it with you, you will never know what you are gonna smell like after a day swimming and laying on the beach
7. Lipbalm with SPF because we do not like dryish lips
8. My phone (LG Optimus L5) because well,that goes without saying, I always carry my phone with me
9. Some drink to prevent drying up
10. A towel can be very practical :)
(11. And last but not least, the camera I used to take this picture, to capture some beautiful, summery beach pictures.)

Enjoy your day!

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Leuke post ! Ik neem ook alles wat jij meeneemt mee :)

  2. Leuke post! Ik neem precies het zelfde mee! xx

  3. Leuke post! Ik neem dit ook mee.

  4. Leuk artikel! Ik hou van de sun protection spray van Nivea :)

  5. Leuke spulletjes! Vooral zonnebrand, water en wat lekkers neem ik altijd mee ;-)

  6. Aaah leo die tweede foto is zo leuk!