that's my little fact

I'm that person that could spend a whole afternoon looking at tumblrs like 'before i die i want to...' or 'justgirlythings'. That's one of my little facts. A little while ago I discovered the That's my little fact - tumblr, and I decided it was time to look for my own facts and share them with you guys.
I have to admit, there were some facts I absolutely couldn't find myself in, but I guess you may also have this with my own facts. So, I'll explain them a little.

♡ I fantasize before falling asleep. No kidding, I'm not someone who falls asleep easily and to spend the time I can make up whole stories or fantasize what my life would look like if I had for instance grown up somewhere else in the world.
♡ I wish I could surf. I've had a surf lesson once before and it was pretty hard, but it must be awesome to be a good surfer.
♡ I tried keeping a diary but failed. I love re-reading old memories, that's the main reason why I'm keeping a diary. I actually want to write every day, but it's about once in two months right now.
Jesus saved my life. As simple as it sounds, I'm a christian and I believe Jesus died for us to save our lives.
I want to live somewhere tropical. Can you imagine a life living near to the beach, a whole year of summer and never have to deal with snow issues? Me neither. But that would just be awesome.
I remember the tiniest details. My brain is kinda weird. I don't remember things all of my friends and family do remember, but the things I remember are in the tiniest details (alright, sometimes with a little help from my diary).
Jennifer Lawrence inspires me. I've actually never seen a film with her, but I've seen way too many interviews. She is undoubtely one of the most funny people alive, and I love she stays real and just screams around when she wants to go to McDonalds, when she's nervous or what she thinks of something.
I want to inspire others. There are so many people that inspire me, and it would just be cool if I could be such an inspiration for others.

What do you think? Do you  recognize on of these facts?

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