Yay! I'm so happy with my new clothes, I found (almost) everything I wanted and was searching for for some time.The first thing I wanted was a 'summery' shirt with a print or text on it which says something about summer, hot weather or something. This one says: 'One cannot be mean when looking at palm trees' and has an awesome print. I also found an earcuff I love - finally. The hair band I got is very simple and cute, I just love it. And I am so so so happy with my new jeans from the Zara! I've been looking for a jeans with a print I actually like since I first saw one. I initially wanted this one with pastel colors (mint green and pink), but they didn't have it in my size anymore. Whatever, I'm in love with the print and I like this color as well. :)
I think the makers of this dress has perfectly combined a nice shape together with the black and white and the stripes trend, and the back is a little bit longer that the front - s t u n n i n g.
The blouse from Only is just handy and nice to wear over about everything I think.
And after seeing all those Youtube Beauty Guru's with their beautiful nails and realizing I didn't even have one color of nail polish I'm not done with yet, I decided to buy the Lavender Love from the Hema, together with some nail decoration. Let's see what I can make with that...
What do you think of my new stuff?

Shirt: H&M €9,95

Earcuff: Six €4,95

Hair Band: Six €3,95

Jeans: Zara €27,95

Dress: H&M €19,95
Blouse: Only €21,95

Nailpolish and nail decoration stickers: Hema

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Leuke aankopen! Vooral die broek van de zara!

  2. Die Zara jeans vind ik heel leuk! Zag hem nu al bij een paar mensen.


    Chicks About Fashion

  3. Coole earcuff! Ik wilde even laten weten dat mijn blog 'has moved' :-)
    XX Shannen / The Wander Book

  4. Ahh, toffe earcuff!