London Day 4 - 'When a man is tired of London...

... he is tired of life.'

Thursday morning we went to Buckingham Palace, the palace where the Queen lives, to see the change of the guards. It lasted almost an hour and they have to do it every morning (except in winter time, in winter they do it every other morning). Buckingham Palace is so big and so nice, I would love to live in such a house. But I think that will only be a dream...
After seeing this, the weather turned a little bit against us, so we decided not to go to London Eye as we planned, because it was too cloudy so you hardly could see anything. But the replacement of London eye wasn't bad either: We went to Primark! I'll probably have a shoplog of the Primark coming up next week.
Did you ever went shopping in Oxford Street?

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Leuke foto's , ik ben benieuwd naar de spullen die je hebt gekocht bij de Primark !

  2. Leuke foto's! Nu mis ik Londen nog meer haha! :( x Laura


  3. Prachtige foto's! Wat een leuke blog! Ik ga je volgen & bedankt voor je super leuke comment op mijn blog :)
    Ik hou zo veel van Londen, Ik ga er sowieso wonen haha zonder grapjes :D xx

  4. mooooooie foto's! :) London is echt gaaf

  5. wow ! very nice fotos*-*♥