Dipdye Shorts | DIY

1. First of all, find an old jeans and a pair of scissor. Then you cut the jeans off. It's very important you don't cut it too high, because you may ruin the shorts by then. What I did was cutting it a little bit longer then I wanted, fitted it, and cutted again until it was okay. It you want, you can destroy the bottom a little by making frays with sandpaper.
2. If you do this with a dark jeans, you may find the color a little to dark for summer. In this case you can use some bleach to make the shorts lighter (If you don't want it, just skip this step). Make sure you know which color it's gonna be after you bleached it! I actually wanted a lighter grey shorts, but it turned out a kind of light yellow. I also like it this way, but you'd better check it out before you bleach it before there's turned out a second way to destroy your shorts ( I think you can find this info on Google).
3. When your shorts have the right basic color, you can start the dipdye! You'll need some clothing dye in the color you want. I got pink because pink makes the world better. You can find dye like this in practically every craft shop, I got a spray from the Pipoos for only €4,95.
4. Find something to cover the upside of the shorts, like a newspaper. But use a thick one, because you don't want the dye to leak through the paper on your shorts!
5. After this, spray the front of the shorts, let it dry a little while, turn your shirts around and spray the back!
6. Follow the instructions on your dye. Mine said I had to let the shorts dry first, and iron it when it was dry.
7. Enjoy your dipdyed, self-made shorts! 

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