LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL. And I know some people don't think so, but believe me, it is. And I can prove I'm right. I dare you to overthink your day, right before you're going to bed. From the moment you woke up tilll the moment you laid yourself down on the bed. You woke up, you're healthy, you've had enough food today, you have a house, you have enough time to spend on the internet and read this. And I'm sure you've had so many more things to thank for. A smile from someone? A compliment? Or the little things, nice weather, a follower, chocolate? Think about it.
Stop asking for the things you don't have and be thankful for the ones you have. Because one day, they might be gone and then you'll realize how thankful you should have been. ♥♥♥

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Je hebt helemaal gelijk. Toch is het moeilijk de ´kleine´ dingen te waarderen, aangezien je ze zo gewend bent en niks anders voor kunt stellen en de slechtere dingen je dus extra op kunt vallen. Precies hetzelfde als met onzuiverheden in je uiterlijk. Ik probeer wel te genieten van m´n leven, al is dat af en toe lastig. Thanks voor het herinneren! ;)

  2. Mooi geschreven! <3
    En je hebt helemaal gelijk!