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Sara and Marjolein both nominated me for the Liebster Award lately. Instead of answering 22 questions, I kind of mixed up their questions because I want to save you from an overdose of information. So,The Liebster Award, a whole post, 629 words, all about me. Let's get this started!

If you were a pie, which one would you be?
A cupcake because 1) Everyone loves cupcakes and 2) Any decoration is okay if you are a cupcake and 3) It is a cupcake. On the other hand, a super gross cake which no one likes would also be nice. I am too young to be eaten.

If your life would be made into a movie, which actress would get the leading role?
I doubt if there ever will be anyone who thinks my life is interesting enough to be made into a movie. If there is someone who would like to spend time doing this though, I would advise Anna-Sophia Robb. I recently saw both Bridge to Terabathia and Soul Surfer and she plays the best characters in these movies, plus she just comes across as a very happy and nice person. Unfortunately the producers of that movie might have to think about this twice, considering we look nothing alike.

With which celebrity would you like to change a day and why?
With the (fictionial character from Gossip Girl) Blair Waldorf - do I even need to explain why?

What is something you would definitely like to do someday?
Spend a summer doing a roadtrip through North-America.

What is something you awfully hate?
Waking up. Not waking up in particular, it probably would be bad if I did not wake up at all. Just waking up before 10 AM, being waked by an annoying alarm, wake up too late, wake up in the middle of the night for no reason, wake up after a terrible night mare and wake up on a school day (don't worry, I'm a positive person. I just happen to hate waking up).

Why did you start blogging?
At the very beginning, I started simply because I love writing and I wanted to share my stories. A lot has happened since then: I discovered I also liked photography pretty much so now the main focus is on the pictures.

Which blog do you visit nearly every day?
I do not really visit one blog every day, because I use Bloglovin so I can automatically see when blogs update, but the blog I read the first out of all my list of updated blogs is the Finnish blog of Karolina (click here for her blog) because I love her style of photography.

What would you like to be famous with and why?
Blogging! First of all, because I am not going to make anyone happy when I sing or act or anything so those are already shed, secondly because I love to blog.

Which TV show do you watch and why?
I watch a lot of TV shows, but my favorite is Pretty Little Liars. Why? At least not because I like shows with a plot twist every ten minutes and not because I love waiting three months for a next episode just when the most thrilling and disclosing part has just taken place. I think I watch it because it is for a change no dramatic high school or vampire show, plus I like almost all of the actors and actresses.

If you were to throw a great party with a band who would come and play for you specially, which band is it going to be?
Right now I would choose either A Great Big World or Twenty One Pilots. Next week it might be something different, because my favorite band kind of varies a lot. I could also invite One Direction, just to sas all of their fangirls.

What is your favorite movie and why?
I can't really think of one specific movie right now, but the first ones to come to my mind are Mean Girls, The Hangover, Soul Surfer and a dozen more to add. Also, I like Disney movies. A lot.

The Liebster Award is actually only meant for blogs with 200 followers or less, and some of the blogs I am going to tag may have more followers or have already filled them in, but I nominate you anyways to answer these questions: BrittValerieCelienSharonEline and Anne.

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