Galaxy prints in the middle of nowhere

OUTFITPICTURES ALL THE WAY FROM CZECH REPUBLIC! When we were in Czech Republic, we went among other things to a black market, where we were surrounded with 'real' Jack Daniels shirts, Hollister tops and 'I can't sell them for less than 30 euros, because they are real' Armani blouses. Well, it was funny to hear how all these people were trying to impress us by speaking some Dutch words 'Oh real Dutchies - kijken, kijken, niks kopen'.
Well, eventually I ended up with a beautiful fake Vuitton wallet/clutch, which is actually kind of pretty. After the black market, my parents wanted to visit some old castle, but I prefered a park with wifi (no we are not addicted) and my little sister taking some outfit pictures. Thanks!
What do you think?

Galaxy Top: New Yorker || Jacket: Only || Shorts: Terstal || Shoes: Converse || Bag: Guess || Wallet: Fake Louis Vuitton

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