Hello July

Hi lovelies! Thursday last my finals week finally passed by. I had to learn so many tests and make so many reports the three weeks before thursday, I decided to just do nothing at the weekend after. Well, I had to work saturday, but in the time that was left I did nothing but laying on the couch watching series. Well, and of course I moved myself from the couch to my.bed. To continue watching series and movies.
These days I got all my grades back and I'm quite happy with them! Okay, I have to admit, some were not as high as I thought it would be but who cares? I'm still having a resit and I'll be undoubtedly going to the sixth and last class after the summer holidays. I can't believe I'm a senior next year. One more year and I'll probably be studying. Well, well, well.
I'm so excited for the summer holidays! A few pretty awesome trips are planned, as well as some cool summer days and nights with friends. Can't wait! But first, a few more days on school.. AND it would be nice if summer decided to stop playing hide and seek. Let's just wait and see... And throw in some random pictures of today.

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