Primark London Shoplog

In London I went to the famous, teenagers most prized cheap shop with the most fashionable items for the first time of my life: Hello Primark!. I've heard it was busy - but so busy? Of course, it was London and it was Oxford Street, but there were so many people. Clothes were scattered all over the floor and hung in the wrong place and we were waiting in the queue for almost an hour. While they had about fifty fitting rooms. Anyway, I found some things I really like!
The prices are mentioned down below, under all the pictures. Please ensure all the prises are in pounds and not in euros. I also have no idea if they sell the same clothes in other Primarks.

London Top £4
Detroit Top £3
Knee Highs £2
Red shoes £3
Flower Top £12
Black shoes £4
Sunglasses £2
Bag £9

11 opmerkingen:

  1. Hele leuke aankopen, vooral dat tasje !

  2. Hele leuke aankopen! Vooral die eerste top is erg leuk!

  3. Wauw die bloementjes top ziet er mooi uit!

  4. Mooie spulletjes, zeg! De tas, de ballerina's, en die sokken, heel leuk allemaal.

  5. je hebt superleuke spullen geshopt.!

  6. lovely pictures, dear!

    Thank you so much for your words on my blog!


  7. Love this. I love Primark but I dont have that shop near me :(. On summer I m comming at NL and Be and must visit it :)

    I m following you :)

  8. Wat leuk! Ik vind je blog heel erg leuk, ik volg je nu op Bloglovin' :)