DIY | VOGUE shirt

This Dutch June's edition of VOGUE was featured with Doutzen Kroes AND a pretty cool, free VOGUE t-shirt, which makes I couldn't resist buying one this time... I've had the first VOGUE and really - I love the photography so much, but it isn't like one of my favorite magazines, there's so much text I just don't read because it doesn't look interesting (and when I read it I don't find it interesting as well). But I recommend this one! It's got some beautiful photographs of Doutzen, really lovely dreamscapes and a shirt... Which unfortunately is about eight sizes to big.
Don't worry - we're bloggers and we like to DIY, right? So now it's time to explain how I've turned an oversized pajama-looking shirt into a summery crop top.

What we need: Scissors/ Rotary cutter
(and some good music while DIY-ing, I recommend Imagine Dragons)

1. I bought my rotary cutter at Pipoos for €13,50. If you use a rotary cutter, make sure you have some cardboard or anything to put onder the shirt, otherwise your parents are not gonna be happy with all the scratches in the table.

2. The first thing what I did was cutting off the sleeves on both sides. Don't cut off too much! Start with a little, put the shirt on and check it in the mirror and decide afterwards how much more you want to cut off. The line where I cut mine off is about 1 cm from the outer corner of the nearest letter.

3. After that cut off a bit from the bottom. You can cut it as high or low as you want. I've cutted it right beneath the label inside. Don't cut the whole bottom off! Leave about 5 cm in the middle, as on the picture.

4. Tie the sides together.

What do you think?

19 opmerkingen:

  1. Pretty!!! Great pictures as well! Gladly followed you on Bloglovin', hope you can do same;)
    Have a fabulous time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  2. Leuk gedaan! Ziet er een stuk leuker uit nu :)

  3. Leuk gemaakt ! Vooral met dat knoopje aan de onderkant :)

  4. que partidazo le has sacado a la camiseta yo tambn la tengo pero en edicion española, me encanta como te quedó!! :)


  5. Wat een leuke DIY! ik wilde ook graag wat met dat shirt doen! ik denk dat ik aan de onderkant franjes ga inknippen!

  6. cool! Ik twijfel nog of ik het shirt ga kopen :)

  7. Wauw wat leuk gedaan! Je hebt ook echt een hele leuke stijl! :)


  8. Haha zelfde verhaal met de vogue. Oersaai tijdschrift als je het mij vraagt. Maar deze editie wil ik ook super graag hebben!

  9. We zijn trouwens naamgenootjes :)

  10. Geweldig! Ik herkende het shirt in je header, ik heb 'm zelf ook namelijk :) (Dat shirt was de reden dat ik die hele VOGUE kocht, want ja, een T-shirt van 6 euro kan ik niet laten liggen). Ik ben van plan om de mouwen eraf te knippen, en er een high-low ding van te maken! Die van jou is erg mooi geworden!