About denim, floral prints and Olly Murs

This week exists of mondays when it comes to the weather and the homework. To lighten up this day a bit, I've got some outfit pictures which were taken this sunday, when the weather was about twenty degrees (it's possible!) My little sister, who is only six years old, took the pictures this time so they weren't that good and I don't have that much pictures. Sorry guys, better luck next time!
I've had the floral skirt for a while now, but I discover new combinations almost every time I'm wearing it. This time, I wanted to wear it with the denim thing to make it look less like a 'cute ten years' old' outfit.
If you have ahance go listen the song of Olly Murs! It has been on replay for about a week now. I didn't really have something with Olly Murs, until I heard 'Troublemaker' with Flo Rida and went searching for some other songs. I really like his voice and I'm kind of obsessed with This song is about you at the moment...

Let me know what you think about the outfit and the song in the comments! 

13 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat een superleuke blog!

    Liefs, Jennifer

  2. Die eerste foto is zo leuk :D
    Hele vrolijke leuke outfit!

  3. Leuke outfit! Ik vind je spijkergiletje echt super mooi, staat je heel goed! Liefs, Nicole

  4. superleuke outfit :) staat heel mooi!!
    zullen we elkaar volgen? xx

  5. aww, thanks a lot! :)
    what a cute outfit <3

    bea. ♥

  6. Wat een leuke foto's! Dat rokje is heel erg schattig! :)