Floral skirts all the way!

Hello blog! This is an unposted outfit from about a week ago. The sun just began to shine by that time, so a spring mood was coming up and I wanted to wear a bright, colorful outfit. On Lookbook I found this match: A transparent blouse mixed with a floral skirt and I tried it out myself. So, this is the result! Thank you Lookbook! I'll definitely mix those two again, it's perfect for a time like this: Not too cold, not (too) warm, but it kind of gives you a spring mood, right?

Blouse & Floral Skirt: Only

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Heel erg leuk, ook voor in het (├ęchte) lenteweer en zomerweer, zonder maillot dan :) Supervrolijk!

  2. Mooi rokje! Ik heb hem in een andere kleur. (:

  3. Heel leuke outfit! Het rokje is echt superleuk!