Hello! Today I went on a school trip to Zutphen, and I've had a really lovely day! We began with visiting an (unfortunately very cold) church and some things in it. And after about two hours in that church, we were able to take a look around in the city and do some things we like. Zutphen is such a cute city with beautiful houses and a lovely atmosphere. :)
So, things we liked? Of course we ate something at first, because food is our numer one big love. And after that we did a little shopping, before we had to go to a school thing again. This school thing was listening to some people from my school who sang, which wasn't so bad at all, and to a well-known singer, which was nice also! And after that we had some time for ourselves again, so we continued the shopping and we held a little photoshoot. I'll show you something of Zutphen AND you're able to meet my beautiful friends Manon,
 Sara and Evelien (click on their names for their blogs!). And Sara's beautiful Blackberry.

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