Lovely Ear Cuff | DIY

As you might know, I've been looking for an earcuff for a long time and never, never found one that I really liked. So I decided to make one myself! It's really easy, all you need are some old earrings (of which one a long one), tweezers and a little ring which you can find in the middle of some pens, which doesn't really have a name I think. Then you can add some little things from other earrings (like the feathers or the diamond in the pictures down under) to the longer one, and you can use the tweezers to add or delete them. When you're happy about you're earring, you cut the little circle from the pen in half. This is meant to attach to the top of your ear. When you've done this, just add it to the earring and you can wear it. Enjoy!

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