538 For War Child

Hello there! Today we had shortened lesson hours at school, which means each lesson is 35 minutes instead of 50 minutes. It's so lovely because we finally have free afternoons to do things we love. And as Radio 538 is in Veenendaal today, some friends and I decided to take a look.
As some of you may know, Radio 538 has an action for War Child. War Child is an organisation that tries to help children in war zones by giving them a safe environment, protection, education and a good future. And right now Radio 538 is raising money for this amazing project. One of the things they do is visiting some cities in Holland and sell things or offer people services in exchange for money for war Child.
So we went to the city, laid in the sun, listened to the music the deejays of 538 were playing live and watched some performances from some talented people from my beautiful city (some were really good, go check out this song, made by the guys on the first picture). It was really cosy, and of course some time for chilling after school isn't that bad either.
We stayed there about three hours and after that we went - how surprising - to a little café and ate some french fries. So, what do you think of the project for War Child?

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