If you're alone on Valentine's Day, just remember nobody loves you on the other days of the year either.

Hello! So, my exam week is finally over and I received some of my scores already. Well, they're unfortunately not all as good as I hoped - let's not talk about the D in history and the C- in economics - but luckily enough we have an option for making one exam again. I only have to decide which exam I wanna make over.
Tomorrow and thursday we'll have a project about Romanticism at school. No, there's not anything romantic about it, it's just about the Romantic era. All day long. I think our school hate Valentine's Day. Not that I have any plans.
Ooooh, and I'm starting to hate the cold so much. Dear snow, can you please disappear? I don't really like you, actually. My birthday is in ten days (the 22st of Februar) and I think my best birthday wish could be sunny weather and at least twenty degrees outside. But that's never gonna happen. Another stupid birthday (just kidding). Right, because I'm having no homework for tommorow I'm able to spend my time with 90210 and Youtube. Have a lovely tuesday. ♥

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  1. Ik had precies hetzeflde qua cijfers. ik dacht dat ik mijn toetsen heel goed had gemaakt, maar dat viel toch wel tegen... gelukkig haal ik het wel weer snel op, omdat er zoveel toetsen zijn bij ons. Ik hou ook niet van kou:(