Holidays, you gotta love it ♥

First day of my holiday, i like it! Today we went to my grandparents. At a certain point we found some old slides and I watched all of them. It's so funny to see pictures from about fourty years ago: Very old telephones, my mother as a baby, the seventies' fashion with its flared dresses, the vintage cars and mailboxes. But I like pictures anyway. (:
After that we went to one of my favorite stores, the IKEA! I would even like it if the only thing I could do was just walking around and admiring all of the rooms and furniture. Which I, actually, do about 80 percent of the time. BUT I also got some stuff and ate a delicious cake with fruit juice. The stuff I bought? A new duvet with flowers and a shelf to hang on the wall, something I wanted for soooo long. And, of course, the famous IKEA-pencil has found its place on my desk. ☺

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