Favorite Bloggers #2

Hello lovely readers! As it's over a month ago I shared my favorite blogs for the last time, I decided to do it again. Before I was really into Norwegian blogs. I still am, but I also discovered some really cool Swedish and German blogs. In this post I'll share three of my favorites with you - They're definitely worth checking!

1. amandafoton.blogg.se This is a photoblog from a Swedish girl. She posts a new picture with some text everyday. I am really, really, really jealous of the beautiful pictures she makes!

2. http://photoblogbypetra.blogg.se/ This Swedish girl has such an inredible style. I saw her pictures on Lookbook and discovered her blog after that. Her blog is especially about fashion, but also about make-up and photography sometimes.

3. http://www.designerofyourlife.com/ This blog is the German one. It gives me so much inspiration! And not only one sort of inspiration, but so much - think of room inspiration, food inspiration, fashion inspiration...  Beside that, she has wonderful pictures. I think she deserves much more readers!

So, did you already follow one of them? Or are you gonna do it?

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Leuke blogs! Ik kende alleen de eerste nog niet! Vind hem wel erg leuk :)

  2. Die petra zag ik al eens voorbij komen op lookbook, ik ga nu de andere twee bekijken!

  3. Gaaf artikel! Ik kende deze blogs nog niet, maar ik vind ze erg leuk! Thanks for sharing!

    Fijn weekend!


  4. Ik kende ze allemaal nog niet, maar ga wel even kijken

  5. Ik kende ze nog niet, maar ze zien er leuk uit! :D