Current Wishes

Ola! Oh yeah, we're halfway there. I made four exams, four more to go! Today I had economics and music. Unfortunately it didn't went as well as I hoped. But well, tomorrow I'll be having history and English - I suck at history but I'm pretty good at English.
A little break between all the learning is allowed (this break lasts almost an hour right now but hey - it's allowed). Okay I just wrote a long story about breaks and school and whatever but it made absolutely no sense, so I deleted is. People do weird stuff when they have too much energy, too much homework and they're not in the mood for anything. I'm falling in love right now with all the stuff in the collage, I want them so bad! As soon as I see this Vans in a store, I'm buying them.
Right. I think this break has already lasted too long. Enjoy the rest of your day! Love.

All items are coming from Fashiolista. Click here to see more of my favs.
I edited the collage with Picmonkey.

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